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Argentina to allow home-growing of marijuana for medicinal use


Three years and a couple of months after the adoption of the law which allows medical use cannabis in Argentina, users who, until now, had to travel secretly , will now be ready to cultivate the cannabis plant reception or pip out in pharmacies. A draft regulation authorizes the sale in pharmacies and provides for culture and state production.

The Minister of Health Ginés González García presented the project of the new law, during an internet conference, to organizations linked to cannabis, doctors and scientists. This document, which can be approved by the advisory council before the signing of President Alberto Fernández, underlines that Argentina State seeks to supply therapeutic weed within the public sphere, guarantee free access to patients who don't have Social Security and encourage state-run culture while prioritizing public laboratories.

This is news that changes the paradigm after 80 years of worldwide and total prohibition. The draft of the new regulations will cover most user requests and cancel the one written by the administration of the previous government., which had been strongly criticized for failing to reply to patient requests.

The most important novelty contained during this project is, without a doubt, the regulation of article 8 of law 27.350, which incorporates the authorization of private and social culture for all patients, researchers or users who register for the country's national cannabis program "REPROCANN". Another novelty is that the possibility for consumers to import cannabis-based medicines but also to sell them in pharmacies authorized to supply “mother formulations”, like oils, tinctures or creams. What was already allowed just for refractory epilepsies and via the ANMAT agency.

Until now, having seeds and plants within the private sphere, even for private and therapeutic consumption, is punishable by law by up to fifteen years in prison. within the medical field, this decision will formalize the top of the criminalization of patients and producers. It also means all producers, families and groups are going to be ready to enter the legal circuit.

The limit of cannabis plants authorized in each household or within the cannabis social club will only be known when the health portfolio drafts resolutions at meetings which will happen within the coming days.

The Argentine state would guarantee free treatment for those without Social Security or private medical coverage and for those enrolled in institutional programs, however, after downgrading the ministry of health to a secretariat last year , the allow the national cannabis program allocated like but 1000 pesos per day. Since this is often exclusively refractory epilepsy, this leads to a registration rate of 300 patients for “investigative” treatment without promotion or public campaigns.

National health are going to be liable for guaranteeing the means necessary to facilitate medical and research project on the cannabis plant and can favor regional production which administered by public laboratories located within the National Agency of Public Laboratories (ANLAP). during this sense, the govt is withdrawing the exclusivity of INTA and CONICET and opening the sport to universities across the country which, until now, were mainly those that supported social clubs through work with organizations to non-profit cannabis.

Disclaimer: the principles contained here is not designed nor meant to be a substitute for professional medical advice, it is only achieved for educational confidences only. You should recognise full responsibility for the way you decide on to use this information.

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