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Dangers of making and Using RSO - Guest Post.

Rick Simpson Oil is a cannabis oil derived from marijuana plants. Proponents of this oil have said that it is an effective cure for cancer and can even help individuals with asthma and opioid detoxes. Using this oil, however, comes with some risks vs the benefits.

Rick Simpson Oil was pioneered by a medical marijuana activist of the same name. His primary claim is that it can cure cancer however, proponents also suggest that it could be beneficial for asthma, epilepsy, and other medicinal purposes, including opioid detoxes.

Critics of RSO assert there is some medical research to back these claims but is it enough? and that their are risks of making and using Rick Simpson oil. Could we say that there will never have full acceptance of oil due to pharmaceuticals companies or what does the future hold for the oil?

What Is Rick Simpson Oil (RSO)?

Rick Simpson Oil, or RSO as its supporters refer to it, is a cannabis oil made from the marijuana plant. Unlike other oils, RSO contains high amounts of THC, the active compound in marijuana which creates the trademark, mind-altering high.
Cannabidiol (CBD) oils are cannabis extract oils also used for medicinal purposes, however, these oils are typically made from the hemp plant. Cannabidiol oils contain high amounts of CBD and very little THC, whereas Rick Simpson Oil contains up to 90 percent THC and small amounts of CBD.

The Dangers Of Making Rick Simpson Oil

While Rick Simpson Oil may be purchased, many individuals opt to make it on their own. Doing so often requires chemicals, making this a very dangerous endeavor.

In order to extract the THC from the marijuana for Rick Simpson Oil, a solvent is frequently used. While other oil preparations use a human-grade consumption solvent, such as ethanol (what we know as the beverage, alcohol), Rick Simpson suggests using naphtha (commonly used in camping fuel), petroleum ether, or isopropyl alcohol, all of which are unsafe and may be poisons if consumed. Ethanol pharmaceutical grade maybe safer compared to other solvents.

Naphtha is highly explosive. In the least, individuals could burn themselves, or, in the worst instances, cause their home or other “cooking” location to explode. Additionally, if the extract is made in a plastic container, it’s claimed that the naphtha will begin to eat away at the plastic, introducing even more toxic compounds into the oil. While not as combustible as naphtha, isopropyl alcohol is also flammable and toxic, presenting similar risks. These substances may also be neurotoxic or cause damage to a person’s brain. All of these substances produce vaporous fumes, causing potential irritation and damage to a person’s lungs.

In theory, naphtha and other solvents should be purged from the final product. Dangerously inexperienced makers may not fully purge it, effectively poisoning themselves or a loved one. This is because the residue of the solvent may remain in the RSO when people consume it.
Anecdotal reports cite that other individuals use acetone (the active ingredient in nail polish remover), a substance which carries many of the same risks.

Other Dangers Of Using Rick Simpson Oil

While there are many claims touting the benefits of Rick Simpson Oil as a “cure” for cancer, that this is a complete cure or of its efficacy to a reliable extent. While cannabis oils may offer medical and therapeutic value to patients, could we say relying on this oil as a cure could have dangerous, and even deadly, results. The instant results that i completely agree with after taking the oil is:- induces sleeps, stimulates appetite and takes away the pain, the curing part might be a possible but it is a subject we may agree to disagree.

In order to make RSO, individuals need large amounts of marijuana. It could be illegal to possess these amounts, exposing an individual to the risk of legal prosecution, fines, and jail time.
Lastly, Rick Simpson Oil contains THC. You’re likely to get high,  When made at home, this amount isn’t standardized, meaning it isn’t a set, measurable amount. Even more, individuals accustomed to CBD oils may not expect to get high. CBD isn’t psychoactive, meaning it doesn’t create the mind-altering properties that THC does. There are claims that the THC is the miracle ingredient in dealing with cancers but not enough human trials to proof.

Today we have decided to post this article which was sent by one of our readers(He is strongly against the oil, asked his name not to be shared), which goes against what we believe Rick Simspons oil to be, but would you choose hope over everything else? This is also to open your mind to question the oil in a manner you don’t trust it completely with a reason to, you go out and find your own truth about it. We would never want to misinform you but we want you to do your own research. We are open for debate on the comments section, let’s us know what you think and feel about it.

Disclaimer: the principles contained here is not designed nor meant to be a substitute for professional medical advice, it is only achieved for educational confidences only. You should recognise full responsibility for the way you decide on to use this information.

How to Buy or Make your own
The BEST way to get the oil is by making it yourself at home, but if you are not able to do this, you are free to order from us, but it would take anywhere from 7 to 28 Days to reach you after the payment reflects on our end, depending on your location and other factors.

Alternatively  Fill in order Form and we will contact you:- Click here .

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