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Chemotherapy As A Cancer Treatment

Chemotherapy or chemo is the use of any drugs to treat any disease although to many people, it is restricted to cancer treatment. Chemo as a form of cancer treatment has mainly three goals it sets out to achieve:-
* Cure

If possible, chemo is used to cure cancer , meaning that the cancerous cells are killed and the threat is eliminated. However, most oncologists will not use the word cure except as a possibility or intention( yes, that's how complex cancer as a disease is ) Consequently, most doctors will describe a cancer treatment regime that has a chance of curing a patient's  cancer as 'curative procedure'

If cute is not possible, the  goal shifts to control of the disease. Chemo is used to shrink tumours or stop cancer from growing and spreading to other body organs and tissue. This can help the person work cancer to feel better and live longer. In many cases, the cancer doesn't completely go away but is managed and controlled as am chronic disease like diabetes or heart disease. In other cases, the cancer may seem to go away for  while but it's expected to come back. If that happens, chemotherapy can be given again

Chemo can also be used to ease symptoms caused by cancer. This is called palliative chemotherapy or Palliation. When cancer is at advanced stages  like stage four, meaning it is not under control  and has spread from where it started  to other parts  of the body, the goal may be to improve the quality of life  or help the person  feel better. For instance , chemo may be used to shrink a tumour that is causing pain or pressure.
When choosing which drugs to use or the cocktail for chemo, the following factors may be considered :

*The type of cancer.
*The patient's age.
* The patient's  overall health.
*Other Serious health problems like  heart, liver or kidney disease.
* Type of cancer treatment given in given in the past.

Chemotherapy treatment is usually given at regular intervals called cycles. A cycle may be a dose of one or more drugs followed  by several days or weeks without treatment. This gives normal cells time to recover from the drugs' side effects.

Sometimes, doses may be given for a certain number of days in a row or everyday for several days followed by a period of rest. Some drugs  work best when given continuously over a set number of days .Each drug is given on a schedule that makes most of its ant-cancer actions and minimises(but not eliminating ) side-effects; these side- effects will always be there. If more than one drug is used, the treatment plan will say how often and exactly when each drug should be given .The number of cycles given may be decided before the treatment starts  based on the type and stage of  cancer .

In some cases, the number is flexible and will take into account how the treatment affects the cancer and the patient's health.

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Disclaimer: the principles contained here is not designed nor meant to be a substitute for professional medical advice, it is only achieved for educational confidences only. You should recognise full responsibility for the way you decide on to use this information.

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