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Why isn't there a cure for Cancer?

The history of humanity has been one of triumph over adversity at every given historical period,man has been ambushed and almost wiped out by war,natural calamities or diseases but nothing has ever come near making the human species walk down the dinosaur high way and this is because man has one outstanding attribute that has made him conquer and  subdue  the wild;resilience and innovation.At one point it was the plaques and the Spanish flu that threatened Europe,there was malaria, small pox, measles but all these have been contained through medical research and innovation.

Today the world is reeling from cancer;a latter day monster that has left a trail of distraction on its path.Illness and especially of the terminal nature strains families economically and emotionally it's draining to take care of a sick relative but we can't abandon them because to do so would mean we lose our humanity and descent to the level of animals. Lets pause here A-bit,why has cancer become such a threat to humanity in this day and age when humanity is it such high level in terms of technology,science and innovation? I guess it  is time we looked at this disease from all possible angles;it takes years for cancer cell to grow and become a threat to our bodies;within these years,medical science has demonstrated it is possible to reverse the situation and here ladies and gentlemen is where our lifestyle and nutrition comes to play. 

More life has led to most of us becoming sedentary and consumers of junk food;we go for the quick fix and this is taking its toll on our health.It's time we agreed that cancer needs to be dealt with with medically ;through mainstream medicine and at the same time we need to interrogate alternatives;this is a war and all means have to be deployed to on the offensive, there is the usual chemo and all that but its possible to deal with cancer through other means? My answer is yes.  

What if cancer is a weapon in third world order? or a group of greedy individuals who want probably to create another world order or corporations who want to profit at the expense of lives that we are loosing to cancer. How come there is not one single cure towards this monster? All these brilliant minds the likes of Albert Einstein or Steve jobs who walked in this planet, yet we do not get  a cure to this disease. Most of us have no idea we are in this fight together, today is your distant relative but slowly creeping in to your family genes, come the next generation  in every 6 out 10 people will have cancer or have a relative with the disease. Is there a deliberate goal to hide or sink any research which show promise or hope in the fight to this disease.

 Let's drift our minds to Malthus Population theory:-  Thomas Robert Malthus argued that if left unchecked, a population will outgrow its resources, leading to a host of problems. Could it be used as a tool to correct population? if we found the cure to many diseases could we control the mortality rate? Marijuana shows a lot of promise in aiding many diseases but we do not have much concrete clinical trials(Except the testimonials we get here online)to push it to be widely accepted and used for specific conditions or it's not easy for corporations to profit from it?

What are your thoughts? Feel free to leave a comment below. Let's Keep the conversation going, CANCER is real a MONSTER and Marijuana currently shows some promise in fighting this disease.

Disclaimer: the principles contained here is not designed nor meant to be a substitute for professional medical advice, it is only achieved for educational confidences only. You should recognise full responsibility for the way you decide on to use this information. 

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