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Rick Simpsons Oil May Treat Aggressive Forms Of Breast Cancer

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Rick Simpsons Oil May Benefit Breast Cancer Patients

Contrary to standard belief, breast cancer isn't one malady – it's associate umbrella term used for several totally different diseases, according to HER2 Support Group. HER2-positive breast cancer is an unusually aggressive type that forms when there is an over-expression of the HER2 gene. breast cancer ribbon

Not only does HER2-positive breast cancer grow rapidly, but it is often associated with poor prognosis and high recurrence rates. Although thriving treatments have been designed to target the HER2 gene, in particular, research reports that they do not garner a response from everyone.
As we know, cannabis oil has shown promise in managing a wide variety of cancers, and Japanese research found cannabinoids to inhibit tumour growth. Consequently, breast cancer research has turned to Rick Simpsons Oil for answers.

Spanish Researchers Treated Breast Cancer With Cannabinoids

In 2010, a team of Spanish researchers published research in the journal Molecular Cancer with the intent to “determine whether cannabinoids might constitute a new therapeutic tool” in the treatment of HER2-positive breast cancer. They analyzed the anti-tumour potential of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and a synthetic cannabinoid with similar effects to cannabidiol (CBD).

In order to look at every cannabinoid’s potential, the researchers reviewed their effects on mice with a similar form of cancer – the Mouse Mammary Tumor Virus. In addition to mouse trials, the researchers examined the effects of cannabis oil on 87 human breast tumours.

“Cannabinoids could inhibit [cancerous] cell proliferation and induce programmed necrobiosis.”
According to the study’s results, THC and CBD had a number of anti-cancer benefits in mice. Both cannabinoids studied were found to inhibit cancer growth, overcome the number of tumours, and reduce the number and/or severity of metastases (secondary tumours in the lungs).

In analysing the human cancer tissue, the researchers found that cannabinoids may inhibit cell proliferation and induce programmed cell death, or apoptosis. According to the study, cannabinoids also seem to “impair tumour angiogenesis,” which allows tumours to receive more nutrients by causing blood vessels to grow.

One of the most pertinent conclusions, according to the research, is that 91% of HER2-positive tumours actively express CB2 receptors. As we know, each psychoactive drug and CBD act with CB2 receptors, and this might make a case for their interaction with breast cancer.

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