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Rick Simpsons Oil and brain cancer

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A group of Spanish researchers has been examining for cannabis-based cancer treatments for nearly two decades. The team is from the Complutense University of Madrid. Thus far, some of their tests have been nothing short of miraculous.

The team, led by Professors Guillermo Velasco and Manuel Guzman, are experimenting cannabinoid treatment’s ability to kill glioma cells. Gliomas make up 80% of all malignant brain cancers. In fact, it’s one amongst the foremost aggressive sorts of cancer out there. Once a glioblastoma reaches stage 4, the average life expectancy is less than two years.

With such grim diagnoses, acquiring effective treatment alternatives is an absolute must. Luckily, the Madrid team is finding success where few thought success was possible.

Back in the early 2000s, Dr Velasco and his team had a discovery. They used extracted THC to glioblastoma cells cultured outside of the body. THC is the main psychoactive compound in cannabis. What happened shocked researchers around the world. The tumour cells stopped growing. Later on, tumour cells actually began to die.

THC kills glioblastoma cells in a couple of ways. THC and other cannabinoids cut off the tumour’s blood supply and cause cancer cells to commit suicide.

Death by starvation

In 2004, researchers found that cannabis alters genes that turn out a compound called VEGF. VEGF stands for Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor. This compound helps grow new blood vessels. When cancer cells begin to grow large, they need to start creating their own blood vessels.

The Spanish researchers treated mice and 2 human brain cancer patients with cannabinoid medicines. In both models, VEGF was diminished, limiting the tumours’ blood supply. This conclusion was truly groundbreaking. Coupled with additional evidence that Rick Simpsons Oil can slow the growth of tumours.

Cell suicide

Another major breakthrough that cannabinoids may actually kill cancer cells. Compounds in the herb prevented tumours from growing, began to starve them by cutting off the blood supply, and eventually cause cancer cells to self-destruct. This self-destruction may be a type of what scientists referred to as “programmed cell death”.

For some reason, cancer cells do not self-destruct. Rather, they continue to grow and grow, creating life-threatening tumours. In their investigations, the Spanish researchers found that THC caused cancer cells to “auto-digest themselves”, or undergo autophagy.

We really discovered a replacement mechanism by that cannabinoids activate a signalling pathway that involves what we have a tendency to decision autophagy, which would be like the self-digestion of the cells. So, actually, once cannabinoids are binding to the cells, they trigger a cell-signalling mechanism.

One of the things they are activating is like a self-digestion of the cell that is leading to cancer cell death. – Dr Velasco

The funny thing is, this cell death only happens to cancer cells. Normal cells in the body remain unharmed. This finding is interesting since back in 1998 the same group of researchers found that THC also triggers apoptosis in glioma cells as well. So, cannabinoids kill cancer cells by utilizing each mechanisms of programmed death.

With all of this potential, it’s about time that we have some clinical trials in renal cancer patients. Luckily, some are about to start later this year.

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