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Bastardised and criminalised herb Might be our last hope to ending cancer.

Cannabis might be hope to end cancer
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A herb that has been bastardised and criminalised, Might be our last hope to ending cancer.

Nature is supreme and has programmed everything to do its bidding. The body whether human or animal is structured in such a way it can withstand pathogenic attacks that are constantly happening for the environment which is full of disease causing microorganisms. The body has its own defense forces in the name of white blood cells;these act as the second line of defense after the human skin. They are constantly engaged in never ending duels with pathogenic life forms to keep the body safe. That's how nature intended things to be;self-regulating with the body constantly producing white blood cells to replace those killed in action.

This brings us to cancer as a disease; what happens to bring this debilitating situation? ...Although science is still grappling with this question, research so far has shown that at times, body cells that are ordinarily programmed to assist the body;either transport nutrients , oxygen or keep the body safe and become regenade; their programming gets messed up and they begin to attach the healthy body cells;they can be likened to mad dogs that turn from being useful pets into dangerous creatures that have to be put down for the safety of all. This is where medication comes in But let's go back to nature a bit; nature has also supplied human and animals  life with various plants species to act as a source of nutrition and more;some plant life is medicinal, that it's consumption helps the body to boost immunity, inhibit the growth and spread of pathogenic life and eradicate it completely.

At one point, humanity had to deal with malaria, a disease that caused  panic among European colonisers, missionaries, Traders and explores in South America, Africa and South East Asia;tropical countries. Eventually, the cure for this was found to be the plant extractions called quinine and from nature, humanity got a lasting solution.

The war against cancer has largely been spearheaded by pharmaceutical conglomerates mostly by use of generic medicine .Incidentally, many cancer patients after being taken through the rigorous boot camp of chemotherapy, end up weaker and die there after. It is also documented that after being taken through chemo and eventually being declared cancer free, most patients experience relapse and resurgence of the disease a few years later. Is it time we tried different approaches in an attempt to win this war? Me thinks yes; nature can assist us if we are willing to look up to it. Marijuana,a herb that has been bastardised,criminalised and vulgarised by many world over has been found to have curative properties for much of what ails humanity. Marijuana extracts have been found to have pain management powers and help cancer patients to regains appetite and  suppress the grown and multiplication of the cancerous cells.

This is where Rick Simpsons Oil comes to play.Before  we dismiss this as the reasoning of junkies yelling for a fix, we need to ask ourselves, how much research has gone into the investigation of the medical properties of marijuana?  Probably not much. Science has no emotions but tends to stick to facts. Cancer is a long term disease and as such, it is costly both financially and emotionally; what if there was a way to win this war in  cheap way?  Look at most Western countries, they have progressively legalised marijuana and in my view, it wasn't just a political move,me thinks that the legalisation was backed by scientific research and data;we need to look into this and find a way of extracting what is beneficial from marijuana for medical purposes.

Let's keep the conversation going. What are your thoughts? Share your experience or story, we are listening, it can inspire someone fighting Cancer.

Disclaimer: the principles contained here is not designed nor meant to be a substitute for professional medical advice, it is only achieved for educational confidences only. You should recognise full responsibility for the way you decide on to use this information.

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