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Rick Simpsons Oil Rated Highly Effective By Cancer Patients

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A large portion of cancer patients who try Rick Simpsons Oil find it highly effective for symptom relief, a new survey shows.
One of Rick Simpsons Oil most accepted benefits is the treatment of symptoms associated with cancer and cancer chemotherapy.

Though, no controlled research has evaluated the benefits of cannabis oil for patients with cancer.

“Its use may be justified as part of palliative treatment” In order to shed some light on its use, a group of Israeli doctors conveyed a survey among cancer patients that underwent cannabis oil treatment at the Sheba Medical Center, the largest hospital in Israel.

Of the 113 patients alive after one month of treatment, 69 completed the survey. The majority were in advanced stages of the disease.

More than 50% of patients that were surveyed said Rick Simpsons Oil helped with symptoms of pain, nausea and vomiting, and appetite loss. 44% also reported reductions in anxiety.

Overall, 70% of patients said cannabis oil helped improve general well-being and 83% ranked the effectiveness of cannabis oil as high. The conclusions were published on June 14 in the Journal of Pain and Symptom Management.

“Although these data cannot endorse the use of cannabis oil for specific symptoms, they support the view that its use may be justified as part of palliative treatment in selected cancer patients,” wrote the authors.

More than half of the patients experienced no side effects from treatment. The most common side effects reported were fatigue (20.3%) and dizziness (18.8%).

“Cannabis oil use is perceived as highly effective by some patients with advanced cancer,” the authors conclude.

“Additional studies are required in order to evaluate the efficacy of Rick Simpsons Oil as part of the palliative treatment of cancer patients.”

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