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Rheumatology Expert: Rick Simpsons Oil Needs Serious Consideration

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A rheumatology expert from Dalhousie University believes Rick Simpsons Oil could be very useful for controlling pain and inflammation in arthritis but needs to be taken more seriously by those in the field.

Jason J. McDougall, PhD, Associate in Nursing prof of materia medica and physiological state, was one of the experts who spoke at a session called “Rick Simpsons Oil and the rheumatologist”, reports Rheumatology Update. The session passed off throughout the ACR/ARHP Annual Meeting in metropolis and was the primary ever to be continued the subject.

“There is a social stigma attached to cannabis that is not wholly justified… These are serious drugs and we need to take them seriously as a way of managing pain effectively.”
Dr McDougall additionally explained the distinction between plant-derived and artificial cannabinoids and people that occur naturally within the body – endocannabinoids.
Since marijuana remains illegal in most parts of the world, much of the research has been done with synthetic cannabinoids and endocannabinoids instead. Yet a stigma still follows, it seems.
“These endocannabinoids are serious contenders to try and alleviate pain and inflammation in rheumatic diseases, we need to stop sniggering about it and talk about it, and embrace them with the necessary caution of course.”

Dr McDougall has administered research on the use of cannabinoids and endocannabinoids in managing osteoarthritis. In an earlier talk on “The Basic Science of Chronic Pain,” he noted that 36% of authorized marijuana patients in Canada were smoking marijuana to treat arthritis.

Based on the data compiled by Health Canada and the Canadian Consortium for the Investigation of Cannabinoids (CCIC), this represented the largest portion of patients using cannabis for any specific condition.

Other speakers at the metropolis conference offered support however were less smitten by the thought of exploitation plant-derived medication.

Mary-Ann Fitzcharles, an Associate Professor of Medicine at McGill University Health Center, said that a lack of clinical investigations prevents rheumatologists from knowing the true benefits of marijuana as a medicine.

She added that despite nearly all patients using marijuana in its natural form, the plant contains many chemicals that vary in concentration from strain to strain. This, she believes, makes it a poor choice compared to standardized products.

Still, Professor Fitzcharles seemed to recognize the benefits of cannabinoids as well, concluding that researchers need to “forge ahead” with research.

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