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Cannabinoids in Rick Simpsons Oil Shield the Brain from HIV

HIV virus in bloodstream

If cannabis oil is renowned for its healing properties against cancer, now cannabinoids are proven to offer solid protection from the symptoms of the Alzheimer disease, multiple sclerosis, stroke, inflammation and HIV.

In the case of HIV, the brain damage occurring as a result of an HIV infection has a 40% rate and is traced back to a toxic protein called Gp120, which originates from the virus.

Ensued brain injuries result in HIV-1 associated psychological feature impairment, also known as HAND. According to a team of researchers from Harvard University, the HIV protein can also lead to dementia. The infection affects the brain at associate early stage of the microorganism development, and most of the cases it causes a mild cognitive impairment.

For the medication to be effective, it should be capable of crossing the blood-brain barrier, thus preventing a massive cerebral disorder. Fortunately, despite no FDA approved drugs being able to achieve this, the cannabinoids can easily break this barrier, efficiently protecting the brain’s functionality against the Gp120 protein.

The AM2421 cannabinoid acts solely at the amount of CB2 receptors of the brain, and it has been confirmed that was indeed capable of protecting the progenitor cells and the neural stem cells against the harmful effects of the test doses of Gp120 protein. These ascendent and neural stem cells area unit very important to the maturation method within the development of the brain’s neurons. The final report stated the fact that an AM2421 cannabinoid has very positive effects on the survival of the stem cells.

A series of tests were conducted on animal models unconcealed a similar results. After an intensive analysis of the maturation in vivo within the mice brain, half of the mice being treated with the AM2421 cannabinoid, the researchers reported a very positive result concerning the neurogenesis’ parameters.

The study was funded by the Department of Experimental Medicine at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center.

As a plus, the yankee Journal of Pathology revealed a piece final that the activation of the CB2 receptors will diminish the brain tissue injury by preventing immune cells from crossing from the bloodstream into the brain.

Also, vital results are obtained within the leukocytes decrease key steps in monocyte-BBB [blood brain barrier] engagement, finally suppressing inflammatory leukocyte response and prophylactic for neuroinflammation.

Even professor Shilpa Buch, PhD, from Nebraska Medical Center Department of Pharmacology and Experimental Neuroscience confirmed the magnitude of the positive anti-inflammatory effects of CB2 activation in monocytes.

The monocytes are found to play a major part in a large variety of inflammatory
Despite the main focus was on CB2-specific cannabinoid AM2421, the CB1 receptors were also effective as the CB2, but some scientists have their concerns due to a high potential problem in clinical settings.

A number of CB2-specific medication are treating alternative conditions and this implies there's a robust chance to be approved for HIV-related impairments. Besides, any doubts concerning the expected adverse effect in the form of addiction to the medicine, are totally discarded thankful to the fact only CB1 agonists may cause addiction plus some other major side effects.

These latest investigations will definitely have a wider application than HIV treatment. Furthermore, further research will be performed to reach the final stage of human trials.

To sustain the latest research, all the previous studies confirmed the potency and safety of the cannabis oil as a gift from nature and some individuals have refused and still refuse to simply accept the reality, discrediting it or worse, criminalizing and golf stroke a stigma on people who don't share a similar opinion.

Disclaimer: the principles contained here is not designed nor meant to be a substitute for professional medical advice, it is only achieved for educational confidences only. You should assume full responsibility for the way you decide to use this information on this blog.
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