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Rick Simpsons Oil Could Help back pain

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New analysis from Colorado shows that a large portion of back pain victims is turning to Rick Simpsons Oil for relief.

The research found that 19% of a group of 184 patients at a Colorado spine centre were using marijuana to manage their pain. Amongst those who used marijuana, 89% of patients said it greatly or moderately relieved their pain and 81% said it was equally or more effective than opiate painkillers.

Study co-author Michael Finn, MD presented the conclusions last week at the North American Spine Society’s annual meeting.

While the study wasn’t intended to evaluate whether marijuana was truly effective or not, Dr Finn told MedPage Today that the results warrant further research.

Given that one in five patients are using it, there is a genuine need to look at more.

Dr Finn states genuine evidence for marijuana as a painkiller comes from studies on MS and rheumatoid arthritis. Though, inquiry on back pain is still lacking.

Most of the patients in the study were undergoing degenerative disc problems, which usually commences to neuropathic pain – a difficult-to-treat pain caused by nerve damage.

On common, patients who used marijuana reported taking it no more than one or two times a day. Smoking held the most common form of ingestion, followed by oral preparations and using a vaporizer.

83% of those who took marijuana were also taking other prescriptions – mostly painkillers.

Dr Finn says the next action is to evaluate marijuana based on the type of spine pain and the amount taken. But he’s also concerned about how marijuana may cooperate with opiates due to the number of patients taking both.

Marijuana and Opiates: Is Both Better?

In 2011, a specialist at the University of California, San Francisco (UCSF) published the first human study to investigate the interaction between marijuana and opiate painkillers.

The study comprised a group of 21 chronic pain victims and found that using a combination of vaporized marijuana and opiates (morphine or oxycodone) seemed to offer greater pain relief than either on their own.

“I’d prescribe it to anybody in pain”

Lead author Donald Abrams, MD explains that while patients reported the most relief after taking both treatments, the number of opiates in the bloodstream seemed to limit when marijuana was present.

This, he implies, could indicate that opiates and cannabis work synergistically to strive pain.

Dr Abrams says while a comprehensive study needs to be done to confirm what they found, the prevailing body of evidence leads him to believe that marijuana is effective against many forms of pain.

I’d suggest it to anybody with pain, the investigation has already been done there.

Dr Abrams’ earlier research also promotes the effectiveness of vaporized cannabis in HIV-associated neuropathic pain.

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