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Treating Infections with Rick Simpsons oil

"If this oil can heal  #infections  for diabetics, it almost goes without saying that this  #medication  is very effective to treat infections of all kinds. All you have to do is apply oil to the infection, the same as you would if you were treating  #skincancer . In a short time, the oil should take care of the infection and it will simply disappear." #RickSimpson , 'Nature's Answer for Cancer' (2012) 'For decades, several studies have investigated the effect of THC on HSV-1 and HSV-2 viral replication processes. Upon analyzing the scientific literature, I can see few studies that concluded THC enhances viral replication directly or indirectly, while other studies reported THC suppressed HSV infectivity in a laboratory setting.' . #CannabisIsMedicine   #CannabisOil   #RSO #RickSimpsonOil   #RickSimpson #TheRickSimpsonStory #NaturesAnswerForCancer #NaturalMedicine   #Natural

Rick Simspons oil Dosage Instructions

"The truth is, the faster you take the oil the better your chance of surviving, if you are suffering from a serious condition such as cancer."  - Rick Simpson Patient can start with three doses per day, about the size of a half a grain of short grained dry rice. The patient should take this dosage every 8 hours, early in the morning, then again in the afternoon and then they should take their final dose of the day, about an hour before bedtime. It should also be noted that as a patient begins to ingest this oil, the patient does not normally feel the oils effects until about an hour after they have taken their dosage, so please be aware of this fact. After four days at this dosage which should be taken three times a day, most people are then able to increase their doses by doubling the amount of their dosage every four days. By following this simple procedure, many patients have reported that they felt that they had not experienced the high, which this oil can cau