Thursday, 4 October 2018

Why we started to produce and supply Rick Simpsons oil

Last year my mother was diagnosed with cervical cancer Stage three, ''I was so devastated; I kept asking myself, why her? How did it happen? How could anyone see this coming? How could we have prevented her from getting sick? I could not understand, she has lived a modest lifestyle, she was very careful with her diet and exercised but still got sick, why her? It's something that we could not understand?

After her first Chemo session her condition deteriorated and we were afraid that it would only be a matter of time before we lost her. She was bed ridden, Could not sleep, eat or do anything at all. I totally appreciated the place of chemo, felt disturbed that the session although well intended, here were leaving her weaker, miserable and moody. I had read about medical marijuana and its limitless potential and what it could do, then I came across cannabis oil and Rick Simpsons oil. I tried sourcing locally since I could not ship it (It could not pass customs without raising flags) but i was not able to get it, i was left with the only choice to make my own, i reached out to forums and people who were making their own oil, they send me tutorials and videos, that’s how i learned to prepare it. We started giving her the oil, and within three days we started seeing results, the pain she was feeling was now gone, she could sleep well, appetite was back and within two weeks she was strong enough to go for her second Chemo session. At that moment it that's when I realized how many people out there are going through the same problem and cannot be able to find this oil. I started a blog where I post about the oil and power of cannabis and to help people to be able to make their own.

Cancer is a monster which is here to haunt us, it's cruel and feeds on people we love most and there is little we can do to avoid, the world around us today is full of carcinogens, even if we are careful we might find ourselves fighting this monster. All in all it does not mean we despair or give up the fight, there are testimonials out there of people who have been able to beat it and for the record my mum is doing okay.

On the next articles I will write on how to prevent, fight it and testimonials. If you have story, comments or information that can help, feel free to share. I don't believe it's supposed to be a one way communication. Your story can help and inspire someone.

 Disclaimer: the principles contained here is not designed nor meant to be a substitute for professional medical advice, it is only achieved for educational confidences only. You should recognise full responsibility for the way you decide on to use this information.

How to Buy or Make your own. 
The BEST way to get the oil is by making it yourself at home, but if you are not able to do this, you are free to order from us, but it would take anywhere from 7 to 28 Days to reach you after the payment reflects on our end, depending on your location and other factors.
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