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What is Rick Simpsons oil? What does it cure?

Rick Simpsons oil uses have received a significant amount of attention all over the world; particularly because scores of online testimonials claim it can cure cancer and a number of other diseases. There is a lot of confusion going on regarding this plant, which is the point of writing this article – to clear up some of the mess. Many of you will have seen or read  the term "Rick Simpsons oil" or “Cannabis oil” used around the Internet the last few years. Heralded to cure everything from cancer to glaucoma, activists are using research and countless miracle testimonials to convince legislatures nationwide to legalize marijuana for medicinal use. One of the reasons why we’re hearing so much about Cannabis oil is because of Rick Simpson. In 2003 Rick utilized a homemade Cannabis concoction as a cure for skin cancer. He shared his success with his doctors and some cancer organizations, but no one paid attention to his story. His reaction is somewhat intriguing as he respond

Rick Simpson Oil for Arthritis

A Centuries-Long Remedy for Arthritis When Rick Simpsons oil is mentioned as a curative substance, its perceived benefits are very often limited to fighting cancer. However, hemp oil carries in it the cure to an unending list of maladies, major among which is Arthritis. When Rick Simpson,the leader of the Cannabis oil movement after whom the oil got named, started using the oil, he did not only cure his skin cancer. Simpson had been suffering Arthritis in his knees for years, and after starting to ingest the oil, he says that he lost the Arthritis completely. It is actually documented that marijuana extracts have been used for treating Arthritis ever since 2800 BC. Firstly, we need to clearly identify the disease. Arthritis is a disorder that affects the joints, which despite being more common among the elderly, can affect people of all ages. Today, more than 52 million people across North America suffer one of the two types of Arthritis. This disorder is characterized by joint

The three switches that turn on cancer, and how to flip them back off

The cancer screening and cancer-treating business is a multibillion dollar industry and pharmaceutical companies make a killing out of it. We are all in one way or the other supporting it, because we have been touched by cancer or indirectly through our health insurance premiums and our taxes. Cancer affects all of us, we are in these together and there is no way out of it. Since time in memorial, we have waged  a “war” on cancer but we have never come close to defeating it. However, as it continues, we are getting closer to being bankrupted by it. Each year, we spend more and more money on treatments, including new, exotic drugs, all of which costs us thousands to hundreds of thousands of dollars per year. We are urged to do more early screening for cancers and get more aggressive treatments once detected. We are even told to get genetic testing and consider mastectomies (and other drastic preventative surgeries) if the wrong genes are found. But none of those actions prevent us