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Producing Rick Simpsons Oil

PRODUCING THE OIL Place the starting material in a bucket of good depth to prevent the oil solvent mix from splashing out during the washing process. Then, dampen the bud with the solvent being used and then crush the bud material using a length of wood such as a piece of 2×2. After the bud has been crushed, add more solvent until the bud material is completely immersed in the solvent. Work the bud material for three to four minutes with the length of wood you used to crush it. Then slowly pour the solvent oil mix off into another clean container, leaving the starting material in the original container, so it can be washed for the second time. To perform the second wash, add fresh solvent to the starting bud material again, until it is once more immersed in the solvent, and then work it for another three to four minutes, with the piece of wood you have been using. Then, pour the solvent oil mix from the second wash, into the same container that is holding the solvent oil mi