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Rick Simpson Oil

Real Rick Simpson Oil (it's different from regular CBD hemp oil online and vitamin stores) contains potent concentrations of both THC and CBD. This combination is what makes it work for medical conditions such as cancer, diabetes, epilepsy, arthritis, ulcerative colitis among other diseases. Rick Simpson Oil -Medical Benefits It's a well-known fact that Rick Simpson Oil is an effective medicine to cure various types of Cancer. US Patent US20130059018 states that THC specific Cannabinoids is capable of healing different types of Cancers. Another Clinical report published in JCI mention the positive effect of THC in reducing tumor growth in human beings.RSO (Rick Simpson oil)  serves as a “miracle cure” for patients suffering from depression. Depression today is one of the most widely-reported problems throughout society, this makes Rick Simpson cannabis oil a necessity for the majority of masses. Disclaimer: the principles contained here is not

Where is the cure for cancer?

Cancer has become one of the leading causes of death worldwide, according to WHO this is basically over 8 million people who died in 2015 alone and this is not the end and neither is any sign of a cure in sight. ·          Lung (1.69 million dead) ·          Liver (788 000 dead) ·          Colorectal (774 000 dead) ·          Stomach (754 000 dead) ·          Breast (571 000 dead) Millions of dollars have gone down the drain as hundreds of corporations attempt to find the cure. Thousands of hours have being spent in laboratories trying to find the cure which has yielded some progress. My question is “Why have they not found the cure?”  is it really true that huge corporations with huge research budgets have not be able to find a solution. Are they in it to make profit at the expense of cancer patients? What world are we living in, we are spending money on sending people to moon or mars and fighting unnecessary wars while the real enemy is here with us that is cancer